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We offer several series of sample sets for use with HAUPTWERK each of which is designed to cater for a different section of the market. 

New Concert Series (2019)

The new Concert Series offers a range of comprehensive instruments of varying sizes. Instruments range from a minimal 10 stop two manual and pedal instrument right up to a  four manual 125 stop concert hall specification. The basic sampled stops remain the same in each library. Initially all of the sets in the series are presented as dry sets suitable for use in larger acoustic spaces or with additional reverberation. Depending on feedback received and the majority preferences as to which type of reverberation should be added, wet versions of these instruments may be available at some time in the future

Ratcliffe College (2018)

Released February 2018 please click the button on the left for details.

Georgian Series (2017)

The Georgian Series was developed with stops chosen from English instruments from the time of the Restoration (Charles II) up until the beginning of the reign of Queen Victoria. Since most of the Royal dynasty of this period was dominated by kings with the name of George the use of the name "Georgian" was chosen. This period was also known for its furniture design and architecture. Unlike the instruments in the Victorian period that followed, organs from this time are characterised by a gentler, less forced sound.  With the advent of the Victorian age, the Industrial Revolution and its accompanying technology, pipe organ sound and design changed considerably and new tonal directions developed by Father Willis and many others resulted in some of the "olde English" sound character being lost from many instruments. For further details of specifications and rationale please click on the last button at the right hand side

Studio Sets

The Studio Series was designed for home use or in buildings where there is little or no ambience in terms of acoustics. Developed and created from our original dry samples these sets are presented with a convolved reverberation and pipe placement. Silver Octopus were the first to offer HW sample sets based on this concept. The advantages of this technique over conventional "wet samples" are the complete control of reverberation and physical positioning of the pipes without external influencing factors. Virtually any acoustic environment can be accommodated as well as any pipe arrangement or positioning.

Standard Sets

The Standard Series uses our original "dry samples" and is designed for use either with added artificial reverberation or to take advantage of the natural acoustics of the room or building in which the sample set is to be played. The advantages of this approach are that the resulting samples are closer to how a real pipe sounds in a given space and have much greater clarity. It allows for the combining of different stops or part stops to produce complete and cohesive instruments to almost any specification or tonal ideal. This is not possible with conventional wet samples since the inherent acoustics of such samples prevent a satisfactory result to be achieved.

Trio Series

The Trio Series also uses dry samples but was designed to provide smaller instruments for practice in the home or for very small chapels. Currently, only one model is available currently although others may become available in due course as suitable instruments are found to sample.

Facsimile Series

The forthcoming Facsimile Series uses both dry and wet samples of complete instruments. Currently still under development, the series will represent existing instruments either as they stand or in some cases with small additions to the existing specification. Where possible, both wet and dry samples will be taken from different perspectives. In cases where wet samples cannot be used for ambient reasons, they will be presented in the same manner as the Studio sets.

Organ Builder Series

The Organ builder Series is a development of our dry sampling techniques and generally only available to professional installers and organ builders. They include bespoke sampled stops and original stop samples taken from various sources. They offer complete flexibility as to how they can be used in a given instrument. They are designed to be incorporated into custom built instruments or combined with real pipes in a hybrid instrument. Considerable knowledge and skill in the voicing, balancing and regulation of pipe organs is required to use these samples correctly and it is for this reason that they are not usually available except to specialist users. However, sample sets based on these samples will eventually be available as complete instruments in the other series above.

Bells etc. Series

This series covers miscellaneous instruments other than pipe organs which are closely related to the organ or found in the same environment. Currently only the Bells + Carillon and the Harmonium library are available but other ones are in development.

Please click on any of the buttons to the left of this page for further details of the sample set offered in each series.

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